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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Features of C

Features of C

a) Middle Level Language : C is a middle level language as it combines elements of high-level language with the functionals of assembly language.C allows manipulation of bits, bytes and addresses - the basic elements with which the computer functions. Also, C code is very portable, that is software written on one type of computer can be adapted to work on another type. Although C has five basic built-in data types, it is not strongly typed language as compared to high level languages, C permits almost all data type conversions.
It allows direct manipulation of bits, bytes, words, and pointers.

b) Block Structured Language : C is referred as a structured language because it is similar in many ways to other structured languages like ALGOL, Pascal and the likes.

C allows compartmentalisation of code and data. This is a distinguishing feature of any structured language. It refers to the ability of a language to section off and hide all information and instructions necessary to perform a specific task from the rest of the program. Code can be compartmentalised in C using functions or code blocks. Functions are used to define and code separately, special tasks required in a program. This allows programs to be modular. Code block is a logically connected group of program statements that is treated like a unit. A code block is created by placing a sequence of statements between opening and closing curly braces.

c) Code Portability:
The code written in c is machine independent which means, there is no change in ‘C’ instructions, when you change the Operating System or Hardware. There is hardly any change required to compile when you move the program from one environment to another.

d) Recursion:
A function may call itself again and again.this feature is called as recursion,is supported by C.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Beginning with C programming.

To start with C programming,firstly you need a 'Compiler'.
A Compiler is a program which converts the written program into the machine language.
To type a program we need a Text Editor(e.g. Notepad).
But almost every compiler comes along with an in-built text editor.AT beginner level you could use a Turbo C or Turbo C++ compiler.
If you have Windows 7 64bit OS , take a look at this post , about Installing turbo C on Win 7 64 bit .

You can use the search bar given on this page to find a suitable compiler for you.

The compiler(TC.EXE) is usually situated in C:\TC\BIN directory of your computer.
After starting the compiler select New from the File menu.
Then type the desired program.
The next step is to save your written program,press F2 key to save your program.
Give a proper name to the program.
Now,compile and execute the program by pressing Ctrl+F9.
To view the output of your program press Alt+F5.

History of C.

What is C Programming?

Before beginning to start actual programming part,let's first find out what exactly C programming is & take a look where it came from?
The C programming language was developed in 1972 at AT & T's Bell Lab. in USA by Dennis Ritchie.
C is a development of earlier developed languages BPCL and B.

Enough with the introduction part,lets now move to the next post and start programming.