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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Good Programming habits

Some of good programming habits:
1. Before sitting down for coding, you must have formal or a paper-napkin design of the solution to be coded. Never start coding without any design unless the code is trivial one.
2. Good code documentation is as important as good knowledge of a programming language. Write brief logic for each major block of your code as comments in source code file itself. Its good to mention creation and modification dates of your program along-with why modification was required.
3. Maintaining versions of your program is another important task. Some present-day programming tools already have a built-in version management. Whenever you make any change to your program, they save its copy as .bak file.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tip-Always make a backup

Always make sure that when you have a program with more lines of code, you make a backup copy somewhere.
Once you find you made some huge mistake, or decide there is a better way to code the entire thing, you'll be glad you made that backup so many hours/days ago instead of re-coding hundreds of lines of code.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

C language is widely famous and founds its applications everywhere because of its versatility and flexibility.In fact C language is a Programmers’s language.
Not all computer programming languages are for programmers. For instance the COBOL and BASIC are not the languages for programmers.C was created,influenced, and tested by working programmers.
That’s the reason C gives the programmer what the programmer wants.C is the language with few restrictions, few complaints, block structures, stand alone functions, and a compact
set of keywords.Using C Language , you can nearly achieve the efficiency of assembly code
combined with the structure of ALGOL.This has made C language highly popular between professional programmers.
C was initially used for systems programming.
Here are few example of system programming;
1) Operating systems
2) Interpreters
3) Editors
4) Compilers
5) File utilities
6) Performance enhancers
7) Real-time executives

C founds wide application in many because of its efficiency and portability.
Much of the world still runs on C code, and those programs will continue to be enhanced and
In order to start programming one has to begin with C language.
This blog helps ou start learning C programming.
You may start from here the First Post