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Friday, April 23, 2010

Turbo C++ for Windows 7 64 bit

 Its a very simple guide to install Turbo C++ on Windows 7 64 bit  operating system.
Follow the steps below to install Turbo C++ compiler on your windows 7 ,64 bit operating system.

Note - Please let me know whether the process is working for you or if you are getting some kind of error.

Step 1) Install the software DOSBOX version 0.73(Search for it in the search bar).

Step 2) Create a folder on your C drive, e.g.Turbo; (c:\Turbo\)

Step 3) Extract TC into the created folder(e.g. c:\Turbo\);(you can search and download it)

Step 4)Run the application DOSBOX 0.73,previously downloaded and installed.

Step 5) Type the following commands at the command prompt that will appear,

[z]: mount d c:\Turbo\

Following this you will get a message "Drive D is mounted as local directory c:\Turbo\"

Step 6) Type d: to shift to d:

Step 7) Then type commands mentioned below;

cd tc

cd bin

tc or tc.exe

Step 8) In the turbo C++ go to Options\Directories\ Change the source of TC to the source directory .

Here's a video to help you out:

 Alternate method:
                                The alternate method of running C/C++ on windows 7-64bit system, is by using a software "Codeblocks" .
You can download codeblocks IDE from Codeblocks Download page.

Start writing your  First C Program..


Anonymous said...

hi this anubhav!!!!!! i m getting problem in installing turbo c compiler using dosbox in ma laptop which has i5 processor n running on windows 7 hom e premium 64-bit....................when i type cd shows unable to change to: tc............i donno wat to do plz help me ...plz send me da feedback on ma mail id "".....

MLM Software said...

Thanks for sharing.. Nice info..


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Anonymous said...

hi.while compiling most of the program,the compiler shows 0 error & o warning,but i am unable to execute it.plz,wat should i do?
mail me

jay said...

hi this Sudheendra!!!!!! i m getting same problem as Anubhav in installing turbo c compiler using dosbox in ma laptop which has i3 processor n running on windows 7 hom e premium 64-bit....................when i type cd shows unable to change to: tc............i donno wat to do plz help me ...plz send me da feedback on ma mail id

mlm software india said...

hi.. i was looking how to install c
thanks dear...

MAX3LOGIC - mlm software in noida said...

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viju said...

Its not easy to install Turbo C on windows 7. I found codeblocks software is better compared to turbo C. Its gui based and very easy to use.. Just go to and download for windows 7 and get started instead of doing all the hectic procedure to get turbo c working.. More over i found out that my computer heats up and makes a lot o noise when running turbo C in the above said method.. I think codeblocks is a decent free software for compiling C and C++ programs..

G.K. said...

I agree with Viju, we can also use codeblocks instead of installing borland on windows 7 64 bit system.
You can find codeblocks at

Anonymous said...

Hi viju/G.K!!!
I am unable to download the codeblocks from either beliosOS or
Can you provide me with some alternate link for download.


G.K. said...

Try again the links , the links are perfectly working.

G.K. said...

@ Sudheendra & Anubhav:

Make sure that the tc folder is present inside the turbo folder.

Unknown said...

thanks guys really helped a lot

Anonymous said...

plz help me.....i am using windows 7 64bit...i trying to run a graphic pgm in c...but getting linker error: undefined symbol _initgraph???

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Prince said...

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Your Blog is very informative
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Geet said...

nice i have some problem....i got an error in each pro after compiling 'unable to create output file 'D:\TC\OUTPUT\NONAME.OBJ'..........plz me....

Software Developer said...

I remember old days when I used to run Turbo C on DOS Computers

Darsheel Mehta said...

I'm trying to do this, hope it works.